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We make dreams come true.

We have put our passion for one-of-a-kind, unforgettable experiences into more than 100 bachelor and bachelorette parties in the past three years.

The time of your life.

Imagine yourself surrounded by the people most important to you, making a story that’s movie-worthy, having the time of your life.

Celebrating your dreams.

Before your big day, take an unforgettable trip with friends, throw one party (or more), celebrate the way you always dreamed you would.

It’s going to be unforgettable.

An experience to be remembered, one you’ll tell your children about. Things to cherish in memories, pictures and mementos.

Our Story

Hangover, by
our clients.

  • NATALIE Noiva The party was incredible. You deserve congratulations for exceeding our expectations! Everything was well-organized, the employees were wonderful and did their jobs so responsibly! I give you an A+. My girlfriends and I were extremely satisfied. Now I want to get married every year... I appreciate the marvelous service and the excellent work. Nov. 2019
  • LIVIA FERNANDES Noiva I’d like to thank Ste and Gabi for everything. It was marvelous! Everything was perfect! And Ane and Gina are over the top! It was unforgettable and you were all part of that! Thanks a million. Oct. 2019
  • PAULA STEINER Noiva Ste was WONDERFUL! Thanks for everything, especially for organizing things so well. It was incredible, everything was perfect and came off without a hitch— I’m going to recommend you to everyone I know! Oct. 2019
  • MARCELO Noivo The party was excellent. Everything went as planned, with no mishaps, hahaha.Paloma took great care of us and the girls who handled the food and cleanup were also really nice the whole time. Oct. 2019
  • BRUNA CARVALHO Everything was perfect. I posted a thank-you note to everyone on my Instagram but I’d like to thank you again, mainly for being so kind and making everything just the way I dreamed it would be. We didn’t have to worry about a thing and all of us had an amazing time. I can’t find the words to tell you how special it was! I'd especially like to thank Giovanna for all the help she gave us. She's sensational! If it hadn't been for you, it never would have been this perfect and we wouldn't have had this much fun. Heartfelt thanks. Sep. 2019
  • MAIARA CEMIN When I started planning my bachelorette party—at the urging of my groom-to-be, by the way—I didn't think it would be half the fun it actually was.  When I went looking for a company to organize the party, I had something in mind, but the actual party exceeded all my expectations. Now I would recommend @agenciahangover hands down.First because of the service, which was fundamental. Gabi and Ste were so kind and provided such wonderful service right from the beginning: they listened to every request and did their very best to make it happen. The outcome was a weekend beyond words and that was when I knew I had done well in choosing you.I wish you much success! Aug. 2019
  • INSTAGRAM PAGE FOR BRAZILIAN CELIACS I threw my party with an amazing agency, Hangover. They were so accommodating about my dietary restrictions, making sure all of the food (and the drinks) were gluten-free. They put together a menu especially for me and took all the necessary precautions. Thank you, Hangover! If it weren’t for your thought service, I wouldn’t have been able to be there for this important celebration! Jan. 2019
  • JULIANA I knew it was going to be fun but it was even better than I expected. You really blew us away! Ju was the hostess who was by our side the whole time. She was marvelous, kind and smart and did everything in her power to ensure we had a wonderful night. All I can say is that your team is sensational: congratulations and thanks for everything. It was the best investment I made this year and I’ll remember it forever! Congratulations—you’re amazing! Dec. 2018
  • PAMELA The Hangover agency threw a party that was beyond perfect. Everything was well-organized, the service was wonderful, Lau (our hostess) was a doll: every detail was just right! Thanks for making my dream a reality! Unforgettable! Nov. 2018
  • BRUNO I would like to thank Hangover agency—especially Eduardo—for the support and service they provided, making my bachelor party the best it could be. They were helpful from the start and right through the day of the party and I was very satisfied with the final result!
  • DIANA It was PERFECT! Beyond what I expected! I’m going to do a post thanking you because it was sensational! Thanks for your help with absolutely everything!!!
  • BRUNA Re, I don't know how to thank you for all you did to make this weekend what it was. The employee who works for the agency is WONDERFUL! The whole party went exactly as planned... We got to the house and didn't have to worry about a thing. Everything we needed was there: drinks, ice-cold bottles, hahaha! For real, hiring you was the best thing I did! It was better than I could have ever expected! I want to be the eternal bride and throw more parties like this! Apr. 2018
  • TAMIRES Hello Ana! Everything was marvelous, above and beyond my expectations. I want to thank you for your wonderful service from the very first time we spoke. Thanks for taking into account all my requests and for surprising me with the kindness and dedication you put into absolutely everything! I loved the champagne and the hangover kits, haha, they were put to good use! Jan. 2018
  • THAIS Hi! Everything was perfect! All went well—the water issue got taken care of quickly—and everything on schedule! The bride had a blast! Jan. 18
  • ESTEVAN Hello Eduardo. The group and I are now back in Argentina after our visit to Rio. On behalf of everyone, I wanted to thank you and everyone at Hangover for all you put into the celebration. Everything was perfect. 100% recommended! Warm regards from all of us. Oct. 2017

Top destinations.

Beach, mountains or the city. In Brazil or abroad. You choose and Hangover makes it a reality.

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Las Vegas
Las Vegas
The ideal option for those looking for incredible nightclubs, casinos, hotels with all the amenities and tours to the desert and Grand Canyon. Take me there
Fernando de Noronha
Fernando de Noronha
How about throwing your bachelor or bachelorette party on a volcanic archipelago with a marine park, diverse ecosystem, and none of the hustle and bustle of usual tourist destinations? Take me there

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